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All the changes that are happening in the healthcare industry in the next few years will challenge the way medical practices operate. Physicians are going to be pressed to see more patients with the new influx of patients that will come into the health care system with Obamacare (this is if Obamacare was to be fully implemented).

Doctors main focus is patient care and not running the business side of their practice. If Obamacare was to be fully implemented, doctors and their staff will be facing the challenge of having to provide care to more patients and keep up with all the changes that are taking place on the business side. All the changes in coding and billing represent a challenge for medical practices. It is now more important than ever for medical practices to focus more on patient care and not on how to collect their money. At Vitruvian MedPro, we help doctors focus on helping their patients and leave the billing side of the business to us. We work with insurance companies and government agencies on a daily basis and strive to make sure that our clients receive their due reimbursements. Trying to keep up with the business of providing care is hard enough. Keeping up with all the revenue cycle management side of the business should be left to the experts.

Health Care Providers that are striving to stay independent and not become part of a hospital or become a part of a larger practice are facing the need to cut costs while building and maintaining the patients that they see. Independent providers that have given into selling their practices realize that they lose control of their independence and don’t enjoy being told what to do. For those physicians that want to stay independent and succeed, outsourcing their medical billing makes sense. But outsourcing, doctors are able to focus on providing care and growing their practice. Outsourcing billing companies like Vitruvian MedPro, charge the doctor a percentage of the money that is actually collected. If the doctor does not get paid for claim, the doctor will not receive a bill for that claim. At Vitruvian MedPro, we get paid only after the doctor gets paid.

With the looming shortage of doctors across all specialties, doctors will be facing an influx of new patients into their practice. If doctors and their staff will need to spend all their time taking care of patients, outsourcing makes sense. With additional influx of patients, medical practices will have less time to spend on the revenue cycle management side of the business. Outsourcing the business side of the practice to a company that keeps up with all the changes in coding and billing interacts with insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid on a daily basis.

At Vitruvian MedPro Consulting, we are more than medical billers. We are certified medical reimbursement specialists by the American Medical Billing Association. We can help medical practices at any stage of the revenue cycle management process. Our goal is to help medical practices improve cash flow and focus on patient care.

Please visit our medical billing page to learn more about our iClaim services at: Medical Billing Services

We are currently offering a free practice analysis to help medical practitioners determine whether it makes sense to outsource their billing. Gives us a call at 781-454-7406 and schedule your free demo.

At Vitruvian MedPro, a Brookline, Massachusetts revenue cycle management company, we work with medical practices of all sizes with any aspect of their revenue cycle management. Besides billing, we can help practices with their coding, account receivables and make sure that practices receive the highest reimbursements from the insurance companies.

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