Medical Billing FAQs

01 Will my claims really get paid faster?

Certainly. Electronic medical claims are processed before paper claims. And, thanks to electronic tracking methods, insurance companies cannot say they have not received your claims. With this medical billing software and technology, your claims can be settled in as few as 7 days.

02 How fast will I know if the claims have been accepted?

How fast will I know if the claims have been accepted?
You will be notified within 24 hours that insurance companies have accepted your claims. You may also check the status of your claims at any time on the Internet.

03 Will I be able to know at all times which claims have been filed?

You will be given a detailed verification report that will show which claims have been transmitted and when.

04 Will this require expensive equipment and medical billing software?

No. In fact, you do not have to have any equipment or software at all. With our specialized medical billing software, your office can outsource all new patient data entry, charge and payment postings, and statementsShould you prefer not to outsource your medical claims filing, you may keep your current software and equipment. Your certified medical billing specialist will only need a copy of the patient registration form and superbill to perform the billing.

These services are 100% tailored to meet you, your practice’s, and your patients’ needs.

05 Will my patient charts ever have to leave my office?

Never. If there is any information your certified medical billing specialist needs, he or she will contact your office manager and request it by either fax, phone or HIPAA Compliant secure intranet. Only information that is pertinent to filing the claim is necessary. All patient information is kept confidential and is used for billing purposes only.

06 So what exactly does the certified billing specialist need from our office to file the claims electronically?

We will need a copy of the superbill for services performed, a copy of the patient registration form, and a copy of the patient’s insurance card, both front and back. If we are going to perform full accounting of payments as well, then we will also need a copy of the EOB so we can properly post payments.

07 I do not have a formal superbill. Can one be designed for my medical billing needs?

Yes. we can design the form on two-part NCR paper so your office will have all necessary copies. The same can be done for patient registration forms.

08 What happens if the claim is rejected or paid wrong?

Your certified medical billing specialist will challenge any and all rejections and will promptly follow up on any problems.

09 What are the liabilities involved in using an outside medical collection agency?

At Vitruvian MedPro Consulting, we take every precaution to provide quality and secure medical billing services. Our medical billing software and systems meet or exceed all HIPAA-stipulated guidelines.Additionally, all data are backed up daily and stored offline in multiple remote data centers using the latest in security and hacker prevention. Backups can be provided for your office upon request.

10 How will the information needed to file a claim get from my office to my medical billing specialist?

As each office varies in its practices, our certified medical billing specialists will work with your team to arrange pick-up times to retrieve necessary data to file claims.

11 What would my office staff be responsible for?

Outsourcing medical billing will enhance your staff’s abilities to serve your patients. Your office staff will merely be responsible for increasing patient care and following up with patients who frequent your practice. With your staff having ample time for care and attention to detail, your patients will become the word-of-mouth referrals your business needs to thrive and grow.

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