outsource to Massachusetts medical billing company

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outsource to Massachusetts medical billing company

The medical billing and revenue cycle management aspects of a medical practice are keys to its success. Medical billing is among the most important processes within a medical practice. At the end of the day, the cash flow levels of a medical practice depend on how the billing is done. Medical practitioners have to decide whether they want to do the billing themselves or whether they want to outsource the billing functions to a medical billing company. In order to determine what makes the most sense medical practitioners need to take into account the size of the practice, its costs and the volume of patients that flow through the practice on a daily basis.

Some medical practices are reluctant to outsource their medical billing because they fear that they will lose control over the financial aspect of their practices. It is easy and convenient for some physicians to have direct access to their medical billing team in order to address any issues that arise. At the same time, some doctors that have developed an in house team to do the billing have invested a lot of time and money on their practice management software and team of medical billers. However, medical practitioners have to realize that running an in house billing team will cost a significant amount of money. Other than the costs of the costs to install and maintain a practice management system, practices will have to pay additional salaries and benefits to their employees. Not to mention, employee retention is an issue that can cost the practice a significant amount when considering the delay in submitting and following up on claims if the practice’s biller quits, is out sick, or takes time off.

At Vitruvian MedPro, we help medical practices increase cash flow by providing medical billing and revenue cycle management services. By outsourcing to our Massachusetts based medical billing company, medical practitioners can focus on providing care and do not have to worry about the set up and daily operations of a billing department. We provide the transparency our clients need so that they can stay in control of the revenue cycle management of their organization. Our software solutions are web based and can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with internet access. At the same time, our vast number of reports provide medical practices with a real time snapshot of their finances. At Vitruvian MedPro we focus on doing medical billing and stay on top of all aspect of the medical claim process such as constant follow ups on submitted claims and appealing denials.

Please visit our medical billing page to learn more about our iClaim services at: Medical Billing Services

We are currently offering a free practice analysis to help medical practitioners determine whether it makes sense to outsource their billing.

At Vitruvian MedPro we work with medical practices of all sizes with any aspect of their revenue cycle management. Besides billing, we can help practices with their coding, account receivables and make sure that practices receive the highest reimbursements from the insurance companies.

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